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In the case of Once an Abuser, Always an Abuser, a listener wanted to share her story of dealing with an abusive relationship and how you can get caught up.  But the question became whether it was acceptable up until he left her??

Sam Sylk, radio host of The Sam Sylk Show on 93.1 WZAK during his daily 1 pm Reality Hour segment had to find a way to address a listener about her alleged abuse while not sounding verbally judgmental.  Then celebrating her for deliverance.

Check out the listeners letter plus what Sam Sylk  and crew had to say below.

Dear Sam

I want tell my story I waited for this guy for 5 years. I moved so many times because he was married. He moved in with me in July last year. On our first date he wrecked his car because of jealousy when we were at a club hurting me I never told anybody that. In August we we’re at a club he grabbed me again cause a guy was talking to me. He got his divorce on grounds of abuse and neglect in December then he physical hurt me so I went to Florida for a couple days, when I came back two days later he moved out. Because of my job I couldn’t just tell anyone what he’s doing, I kept it hidden than three days ago I found out he’s been seeing this girl he works with before our breakup. He had her pick him up from my house. We had been seeing each other for lunch at the gym he was my soulmate so I thought. I asked him who he was seeing since he had not told me. So woman to woman I went see her I said “he wouldn’t tell me who you were cause I knew you” “he cheated on his wife he is now divorced, he cheated with you while I was in Florida”. She was like OMG, I want nothing to do with him since he lied about going back to you. I said well what you don’t know is it wasn’t just once. I also told her I’m very well know my community everybody knows about Him and me so damn he used her to get a ride, he used her like he used me. I took this ninja to and from work for 6 months he now lives with his mom. So, I want say I’m now pressing charges for physical abuse and protection order I knew this person for 5 years but it wasn’t till we lived together that he had trust issues, so I did an investigation. I went to the prosecutor’s office and found out he’s been in jail for car issues. I want to say I didn’t tell anybody about the abuse because when you love someone so much you talk for years it wasn’t till I seen his divorce papers he abused his ex-wife . So my question is once abuser always abuser, Right?

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