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Just like lots of brides, Sarah Menser is trying to save some cash.

“I definitely am a bride on a budget,” said Menser. “I’m a graduate student so planning a wedding and trying to pay for school at the same time its a lot.”

The first place she wants to cut costs is on her dress.

“I am trying to stay under $500. I know its a bit of stretch, but with stores like this I definitely feel like its a possibility,” she said.

The store Menser is talking about is B. Free Bridal in Lakewood.

“It was my goal to take all the dresses that people now have in their closets after their weddings and don’t know what to do with and really give them a second life,” said B. Free Bridal owner Becca Ciamacco.

The store that opened in February boasts sizes from 0-24 and everything, including the designer gowns, is under $800 bucks. Ciamacco gets her dresses from past brides .


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