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You got a man that is someone else’s ex-husband with kids.  You are cordial and inviting to his ex-family but on the other hand they say to him “you gotta what?, How long  you that problem?” ♫  Your inclusive to them but they are exclusive when it come’s to you.  Do you make him choose them or you?

Or do you write an email/DM to Sam Sylk, radio host of The Sam Sylk Show on 93.1 WZAK during his daily 1 pm Reality Hour segment to get a little brotherly help?  This woman chose Sam Sylk, but check out what Sam Sylk chose below.

Dear Sam

I’ve been with my boyfriend, for a year and a half, and he just moved in with me. He has two daughters and one is about to graduate from high school. The one graduating high school has decided that she wants to go on vacation to a Vegas for her graduation present. But the catch is she wants to go as a “family,” excluding me and bringing her mother who is at every family function, every family party, and every family picnic. I’m very nice to the mother at the functions, but I just don’t think it’s her place to be on the vacation especially if I’m not going. My boyfriend tried to explain that excluding me on this trip wasn’t cool with me especially how I have been so good to them as well as cordial to their mother, but they said that wasn’t their problem. Am I wrong to make him choose between them or me?

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