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When will people learn that threatening the life of another person (even if you don’t mean it) can get you locked up?

Ex-NBA star guard Sebastian Telfair‘s sister just learned that lesson the hard way as TMZ is reporting that Octavia Telfair was taken into FBI custody for continuously calling Sebastian’s ex-wife Samantha, and threatening to “kill my kids and cut off my face.”


Damn, those are Octavia’s nephews and nieces for God’s sake. Still, Octavia was highly upset that his ex-wife took the stand against her brother for a gun charge he caught in New York City.

During Sebastian’s trial, Samantha told prosecutors she had personally witnessed the former basketball star in possession of multiple weapons, including the gas-operated submachine gun he was allegedly carrying when he was arrested in June 2017.

Apparently, Sebastian’s sister, Octavia, felt Samantha’s testimony was treacherous — so she allegedly called Samantha more than 50 times on the phone to express her discontent. 

The LAPD and NYPD were investigating — since Samantha lives in L.A. and Octavia lives in New York — but the case was kicked to the FBI, which ultimately decided to arrest Octavia.

Back in 2017, the 12-year NBA veteran was arrested when police found a more than a few burners in his car during a traffic stop in Brooklyn. He was convicted this past April and is currently facing up to 15 years in prison.

Hopefully his sister won’t have to suffer a similar fate as we can only imagine how devastating that would be on an already heartbroken family.

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