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You girl was fine as wine, had the shape on a Coca Cola bottle, perfect in personality the woman you wanted to raise your children.  Well what happens when the kids grow up and move out, the Coke bottle turns into a gallon of milk and now you fell lactose intolerant?  Then to make matters worse you get introduced to a small can of Red Bull.

That’s what happened to this bruh.  But before bruh got wings from the Red Bull and flew he reached out to Sam Sylk, radio host of The Sam Sylk Show on 93.1 WZAK during his daily 1 pm Reality Hour segment.   What did Sam Sylk say?    “BRUH!!!”

Check out what went down below

Dear Sam

I have been with my wife since we have been in high school. We are in our 50’s now and our kids are grown. Over the years we have both gained weight. We have tried different diets and we work out but you know my wife that was once like a Coke bottle is now like a gallon of milk. I love her but I’m just not attracted to her physically anymore. I went out the other night and just play flirting around this young tender slipped me her number. I was honest and told her I was married and probably said a little to much too her but she said she was cool with us you know just being friends and we you know fooled around a little after, she gave me a special kiss. I know I shouldn’t call her but I don’t know what to do about the situation with my wife. She is an awesome woman, I just don’t find her sexy? What should I do bruh?

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