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Kelly Rowland is staying active during her pregnancy, and her trainer Jeanette Jenkins is giving moms-to-be tips on how they can, too!

The “Motivation” singer has not let a baby bump derail her fitness routine. Kelly’s shown on Instagram that she’s still able to workout on the treadmill and even continues to do yoga. Her hard work is paying off! Photographers snapped Kelly on the way to lunch in Los Angeles, and she’s keeping herself toned. Her body is going to bounce back really quickly once she has her baby!

Kelly’s dedication to saying in shape has been a huge inspiration to women everywhere. However, not all pregnant women will be able to do what Kelly can. That’s why her trainer Jeanette has shared a helpful hints on finding rigt regimen.

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Before any expectant mother begins an exercise routine, Jeanette suggests that they clear the activity with their OB/GYN. “Make sure that it is okay for you to work out while pregnant. Every woman’s journey through pregnancy is unique and everyone has to consider their own health parameters,” Jeanette told

Once they do that, Jeanette recommends the following exercises:

Cat-Cow Stretch 4-5 reps, 3 sets

Butterfly Stretch hold for 8-10 deep breaths, 3 sets

Kegels 10-25 reps, 3 sets

Hip Circles 5 reps each direction, 3 sets

According to her, the cool down should consist of, “Deep Breathing and Meditation, take deep inhales and exhales for 3-5 minutes while listening to relaxing music and meditate on 5 things you are grateful for.”

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Moms that can’t do all of that, thankfully have another option: power-walking. This workout has immediate benefits for the expecting and their babies. “A simple 20 minutes in the morning,” said Jeanette, “is a great way to get the blood circulating to deliver fresh oxygen and nutrients to your baby and throughout your body and increase your happy hormones so you start the day feeling great!”

Speaking of nutrients, the fitness guru reminds moms not to neglect taking their pre-natal vitamins. They don’t necessarily have to come in pill form.

“Try adding 1-2 freshly squeezed vegetable juices to increase your nutrients. Beet, carrot, apple, lemon & ginger and spinach, kale, apple, lemon, ginger are great juices for pregnant women among many others,” Jeanette suggested. “It is always best to see a nutritionist when creating your daily meal plan but most importantly listen to how your body feels after you eat.”

Keeping active isn’t just good for moms while they’re carrying their babies, but she reminded people that it’s also a great way to prep for the delivery. “Working out while you are pregnant is just about getting the body moving,” she said in closing, “so you have more energy through the day and to keep you strong through your pregnancy and for your delivery.”


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