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If the #METOO movement hasn’t taught us anything it should of taught ALL of us that it is not a good idea to get pursue a romantic relationship with a co-worker especially a supervisor/boss.  But what would the movement have to say about a person that willingly had a sexual relationship with their boss decided they were cool with the one and done but their boss now has feelings for them?  Crazy grey area, right?

Well it just so happens that a woman has found herself in this same situation and decided to use Sam as her mock HR department and dropped a letter to Sam Sylk, radio host of The Sam Sylk Show on 93.1 WZAK, on Facebook in his in-box of during his Reality Hour segment, to find out what her options are.

Check out the advice Sam Sylk had for her below

Dear Sam

I’m going through a divorce, and it has been a little ruff for me. A couple of weeks ago I went out with some co-workers and our boss, we had a great time. But we were turnt up and making a long story short I ended up sleeping with my boss. When we went back to work everything was cool a little awkward for a bit but it was good. Then my boss came to me and said “Are we just going to keep pretending nothing happened or are we going to figure this out?” For me I don’t regret what happened but I don’t want to go any further. What do I do? Do I discuss it knowing that I don’t want to? If I do discuss it, what do I say? I don’t plan to be with him but it seems like he may have caught feelings? Did I just ruin my job?

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