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Young Thug has a very unique view on life and how we all should be living it. This was further cemented when discussing Lil Nas X coming out.


As spotted on High Snobiety the at times sexually ambiguous performer sat down for an interview with Adam22 for No Jumper. While the two discussed several topics it was his take on the “Old Town Road” rapper’s announcing that he is gay that took many by surprise. “I feel like he probably shouldn’t have told the world, because these days—motherf***ers is just all judgement,” he explained. “It ain’t even about the music no more. Soon as the song comes on everybody’s like ‘this gay ass n***a’.”

Shortly after making the comment it seemed to dawn on him that his theory could get him on the hot seat thus he quickly elaborated his stance. “It wasn’t a bad idea and it was most definitely the best time to do it. During Pride [Month]. That was a G’s move.”

Thug also made it clear that the Atlanta native’s decision isn’t for the weak and if there is anyone in the game that can relate it would be him. “But it’s like, he young and I know what he going to be dealing with. I dealt with this sh*t before.”

Most recently Jeffery jumped on the “Old Town Road” remix. You can view the interview with the Lil Nas X segment starting at the 15:00 minute mark.


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