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Source: Rapper DMX arraigned in court after tax evasion charges on July 14, 2017 in New York City.

Ever since getting out of prison for the umpteenth time, DMX has been going his best to turn his life around and get on the straight and narrow, but a recent incident almost derailed all the hard work X had been putting into his refinement.

TMZ is reporting that recently X was being investigated by feds for violating his probation when he and his crew accidentally drove off in someone’s corvette in Los Angeles this past March. Luckily for everyone for Dog Man X, the investigation turned up no evidence of wrongdoing as it turned out to be a simple case of mistaken vehicle identity.

DMX and his crew left a Los Angeles restaurant in another diner’s car following a mix-up with valet, and the car was reported stolen. But, the bigger issue for DMX was a question of whether he was behind the wheel.

The feds felt X could’ve violated probation in his tax evasion case if he was the one driving the “stolen” Vette.

It would’ve been a shame if DMX would’ve gotten violated based on someone else’s snafu.

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