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Everybody has a favorite child whether they want to admit it or not and as grandparents they too have a favorite grandchild.  But what happens if that grandparent totally skipped the favorite grandchild category and moved to the grandchild that they don’t like?  Who doesn’t like their own grandchild?

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A lady that in-boxed Sam Sylk, radio host of The Sam Sylk Show on 93.1 WZAK, Facebook Page during his Reality Hour segment.

Check out what Grandsylk had to say about that grandchild that might be like Chuckie from the movie “Child’s Play” below.

Dear Sam

I need some advice….

My mother recently showed me all her insurance policies. She has separate policies for myself and my younger sibling. My younger sibling has 4 biological children and one stepchild she has separate policies on all 5 of them. I have 3 children she has policies on my eldest and my youngest. My middle child has always been treated differently by her. Should I ask her why does she have a policy on all her grandkids except for my son?

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