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Everybody has had to deal with your man/woman’s BFF that is always up under you and doesn’t know when to give you the couple some space.  But what happens when that BFF gets evicted and needs their bestie/homie to help them get on their feet by letting them move in with you guys?  Even though they get on your nerves do you give them shelter or send them to the shelter?  And if you let them stay how long would you give them?

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A husband did something that fellas don’t normally do and that is slide into anther mans DM’s, Sam Sylk, radio host of The Sam Sylk Show on 93.1 WZAK, during his Reality Hour segment, for some words of brotherly advice and advice plus a plan is what Sam Sylk slid out for him.

Check it out below.

Dear Sam

My wife’s best friend’s husband left her high and dry about 2 years ago. There kids are all grown with families of their own. But my wife’s girl goes EVERYWHERE we go. Yes, my wife invites her that has led to plenty of arguments but not only that we pay for her. I feel like a playa when we go out without the fringe benefits. I feel bad for ole girl but it’s like I want to spend sometime with my wife but she is always their. Now my wife comes to me and says her gurl is getting evicted and would like to stay with us for about six months to get herself together. I want to be sympathetic but damn I think she is around too much now plus she is extremely loud and bossy. Her kids all live out of state. I don’t want to see the woman out on the streets but when is enough is enough. What should I do?

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