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As we’re getting closer to the year 2020, most of us have began thinking about the election. Presidential Candidate and former Vice President Joe Biden spoke to the Tom Joyner Morning Show Crew about his plans for his campaign.

Right now he knows that people are fired up, and he also knows that a lot of the folks that are fired up are Trump supporters. But, he is confident that he can get enough energy and momentum from people to defeat Trump in the election.

“We’re really in a battle for the soul of the country,” he says. But, that doesn’t intimidate him because he knows that people “understand this is not the United States of America,” that we know and love.

Trump fires up his base with his “wild comments and his race-bating,” but Biden will get people excited about his plans. One thing that a lot of Americans are curious about is what he’ll do for Black people and HBCUs.

“I have a Black agenda. it’s the reason I got involved in the first place,’ he says and he believes that “the Black agenda is America’s agenda.” Part of that is HBCUs and he plans to “come up with a whole lot of money to directly fund HBCUs.”

When asked about who he’d chose as his Vice President, Biden shared that it’s too early to say.


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