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Your boo’s side boo dialed you up to let you know that love is spreading their love with them and they have receipts. Do you really want to see them, and once you see them will you be able to forgive them? Or does it even matter?

A woman was so torn about the predicament that her man and his side boo put her in that she decided to drop a letter in the Facebook in-box of Sam Sylk, radio host of The Sam Sylk Show on 93.1 WZAK, during his Reality Hour segment.

Check out how the Sylky one showed this lady how to hit delete after his side boo hit share below.

Dear Sam,

Sam I’ve been with my man for 7yrs and I noticed over the last few months things between us seemed off he was distant,always argumentative,and really no longer spending to much quality time with me I’d bring it up to him he said I was over thinking things. Well earlier this month I received a text from a young lady saying that she’s done dealing with him telling me all about their dealings for the past 3 months. I didn’t all the way believe her so I asked her for receipts, only to receive pictures of him naked on her air mattress asleep on the floor, pic of him sitting on her couch shirtless 100+ texts messages. She says they had sex 4 times protected. He completely denied it at first until recently confessing some of the things to me. He says he deserves another chance because this is the only time he’s been unfaithful in our 7yrs. He said he was dealing with her only because she was going to make a huge deal which he would be profiting from as well because his pockets aren’t where they need to be and his line of work has been slow for him. Can he ever be trusted again,how do I get through this if I did want our relationship to work or will things never not be the same between us….HELP????

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