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Have you ever turned to 93.1 WZAK on your radio and heard a song playing that made you think that they were thinking of you?

Well a young lady was riding down the street and heard “Secret Lovers”  by Atlantic Starr come on the radio.  She pulled over, whipped out her cell phone, opened her Facebook app, found Sam Sylk’s page and dropped him a letter in his messenger box during The Sam Sylk Show on 93.1 WZAK, during his Reality Hour segment, and she wanted to same to help her get “Secret Lover” out of her head and replace it with “Get It On Tonite” by Montell Jordan!!

Which 90’s remix did Sam Sylk have for her?  Check it out below.

Dear Sam

I have been dating a guy that has been divorced for about 2 years and he and his ex have children together. I have never met the kids which I feel a little some kind of way about that but the thing that gets me is when we go out people always asks how’s his wife is doing and he answers but neglects to say he and I are together now. I have said something about it and he tells me not to trip. I feel like I’m a secret from everyone. Hell I don’t think his ex or kids know he is dating. Should I be mad? How long should I be a secret?

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