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What does it make you when you say that “I don’t want him, but I need him?”  Is needing someone a good reason to stay?

A listener reached out to  Sam Sylk, radio host of The Sam Sylk Show on 93.1 WZAK, during his Reality Hour segment by dropping a letter in his Facebook Message box to say that the man she is with isn’t the man she originally got with, so she wants to bounce, but she has one problem…she needs him.

So Sam Sylk told her “…you need him!?”  “This is what you NEED to do…”  (see below)

Dear Sam

I have been with the same guy for about 7 years. We were friends years before and it developed into what I thought was “true love.” Between his horrible hygine, porn addiction, talking to other females behind my back and even creating social media accounts under an alias name, my love for him has deminished ALOT along with any sexual desire I once had. I was planning on leaving at the beginning of the year. But unfortunately I cannot afford to pay for a place big enough for my family and can’t afford my current location. I love him as a friend, but the romantic love is gone. I in no way want to hurt him or the bond he has with my family. But how can I leave the romantic part of the relationship, but keep the friendship intact?

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