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How far should a parent go to protect their child? Through the fire, to limit, to the wall, right?

Well what if the person you are trying to protect your child from is the person you got pregnant by and with new growth inside you, so does the concern that the man you slept with isn’t a great candidate for a dad. But it gets better you tell him you got an abortion but you didn’t know that he was a great mathematician and the child you have adds up to be his. Even better than that he has had 9 years in jail to figure it out. What do you do?

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What was Sam Sylk’s verdict?  Take a look below.

Dear Sam

I made a mistake of hooking up with a guy that wasn’t let’s just say a very good person about 8 years ago. Right before he went to jail I found out I was pregnant. Not long after he went in I decided he isn’t the person I want to be with and not the kind of man I want around my child, so I told him I had an abortion and broke up with him. Things have been going well with me and my child. Well I got a surprise my baby daddy got out of jail early tracked me down because he heard I had a child and by his calculations he feels my child is his. I think he is still about his life so I don’t want him in my child’s, plus he can’t legally support his child. My friends think I’m wrong for what I’m doing. Do you think I’m wrong? Do you have any advice for me? I’m just trying to protect my child.

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