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You moved him in and his baby mama dumped his kid off on him and their kids are driving your kids crazy and the mama is giving you the blues, what do you do?

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This woman had to reach out to Sam Sylk, radio host of The Sam Sylk Show on 93.1 WZAK, during his Reality Hour segment by dropping a letter in his Facebook Message box, to play referee from a Brady Bunch situation gone bad.

Check out Sam Sylks solution below

Dear Sam

My boyfriend lives with me and he recently has gained custody of his daughter. I have 2 children already. His daughters mom has some issues that I don’t want the drama of around me and mine. He doesn’t want her coming to the house but she shows up anyway. And now my kids aren’t getting along with the new addition. My boyfriend can’t afford to get his own place. I believe the mother should at least get to visit her child just not here. I think that would cut down on some drama. I’m trying to be patient but is there any advice?

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