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Celebrity Sightings In Los Angeles - September 17, 2019

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Chance The Rapper paid a visit to Jimmy Kimmel Live! and sat down for a rather extensive interview, under TV show circumstances. The Chicago rapper touched on a range of topics including his paternity leave as well as his homie Kanye West.

Chance talked extensively about the work it takes in raising not one but two daughters and is clearly a devoted father. Kimmel then shifted to his old homie Kanye West and whether or not Chance still considers him a “spiritual advisor.”

“Yeah, Kanye is so devoted right now. He’s very…well-versed in the Bible at this point…he’s reading a lot,” said Chance. “The way that he talks to me now its seems like he’s had them [Bible verse] memorized for years. To my knowledge a lot of that stuff he learned very recently. He’s talking about what I believe in, which is that Jesus is king.”

Peep chance talk more about his beliefs and his new album The Big Day, as well as the possibility of doing stand up, below.


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