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Another day, another on-air disagreement involving Meghan McCain and whoever sits with her at the table during “Hot Topics” on The View.  This time, after a latest verbal altercation involving Ana Navarro on Friday’s edition, McCain had enough.

From NewsOne:

While discussing  a whistleblower claiming Trump was making promises involving Ukraine, Navarro was trying to get a word but McCain was babbling, “And maybe I was clumsy—and maybe I was clumsy” and then yelled, “Excuse me!”  at Navarro.

“I’m two feet away, I don’t need you to scream at me this way,” Navarro, who is also a Republican, calmly responded.

McCain told Navarro she didn’t “know what you just said,” only for Navarro to repeat the not-scream-at-me line again.  McCain responded by telling Navarro that was rude.

Right when The View went into commercial break, McCain walked off with shots of audience members stunned and reacting to her move.

The walk off started when McCain referenced WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange in the debate involving the whistleblower on U.S. President Donald Trump allegedly reaching out to the Ukraine.

Speaking of Assange, the daughter of the late Arizona Senator John McCain got into it earlier in the season with Assange supporter and friend Pamela Anderson.

It’s safe to say it will be a rough season on The View for Meghan McCain.


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