If Ali Siddiq could pick a song to play every time he walked into a room it would be “Blow The Whistle!” He’s so excited about this Trump drama he says, “Trump in trouble y’all,” this means he can “start watching the news again!” He can tell that Trump is “shook” because, “he’s talking like a mob boss.”

Trump has really messed up now and everyone knows it. Even republicans are silent. Siddiq can’t stop saying, “blow the whistle!” Donald Trump has even upset his base! Siddiq describes them as the, “guys with the long beards that ride motorcycles with the American flags on the back,” and says they’re not fans of messing with foreign governments.

Hear all of his commentary on this issue this weekend in Dallas at the Addison Improv, he says he’ll be “blowing the whistle!”

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