Billboard blank for outdoor advertising poster

Source: Rapeepong Puttakumwong / Getty

Anyone in the state of Michigan that was driving alongside I-75 northbound, and saw what appears to be people doing the nasty on a billboard might have said “what the f***?!”

You can also guess that some would say that if they saw the person or people behind what was supposed to be an electronic advertisement would say “you had one job!”

That’s just what happened in Auburn Hills, Michigan when drivers spotted porn on a billboard over the weekend one evening.  Police officers in that city are investigating what lead to the video being played on screen, while the company operating the billboard, Outfront Media, removed the adult content after being told about what was going on.


Police learned about the video playing on the billboard from callers on the freeway. It’s unclear how long the pornography was playing for.


Article Courtesy of WEWS News 5 Cleveland

First Picture Courtesy of seksan Mongkhonkhamsao and Getty Images

Second Picture Courtesy of Rapeepong Puttakumwong and Getty Iamges

Video Courtesy of YouTube and WXYZ-TV Detroit and YouTube

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