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Brands, professional hairstylists, and students gathered in New Jersey for the 10th Annual Extensions Expo this past weekend! A fabulous show where professionals and students could learn the ins and out of the hair business, network with fellow stylists and take their artistry to the next level, this event was the place to be over the weekend!

The annual event kicked off with various hair education presentations ranging from styling wig units to the difference between cutting weaves, natural hair and relaxed hair and the art of advertising. There was also a presentation that highlighted the causes of hair loss and learning how to properly care and treat Black hair. While we all love experimenting with our manes, it’s always important to learn how to properly care for our hair to promote growth and prevent hair loss and “The Causes of Hair Loss” presentation did just that!

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“So many elements can impact our hair growth cycle from genetics to our diet,” Doris Mosely, certified trichologist and entrepreneur shares. “In order to promote growth, it’s important to adopt a healthy lifestyle and utilize products that are essential to your hair’s health. With so many products available, it’s easy to find a product line that does the bare minimum for your hair. Always do your research.”

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Personally, one of my favorite moments from the even was witnessing the styling contests! One in particular, the weave competition, showcased the talent and versatility of the participants. Stylists were given the task of creating a specific quick weave hairstyle in only an hour. With only a bag of tools ranging from extensions, styling products, tools and a picture of the hairstyle they needed to emulate, professional stylists and students raced to complete their chic looks. From blonde bob slays, cropped cuts, fluffy fros and everything in between, I would have never thought you could create hair magic in only 60 minutes!

No hair expo is complete without training and the Extensions Expo delivered! With an array of hair weaving classes and hair extensions training, stylists were able to brush up on their skills and learn new tips and tricks to further their careers. Best of all, guests were also able to enjoy hair demos while asking questions to professional stylists. If that’s not enough, there were over 50 makeup brands, hair vendors and networking on hand for guests to enjoy.


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