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Comedian Amanda Seales’ is known for speaking her mind. Her new book, “Small Doses: Potent Truths for Everyday Use” will definitely let readers get a better look into who she is. She tells the TJMS crew that the hardcover book and audio book are equally great, but different experiences. The hardcover book is full of color, and artwork that she has done where as the audio book is narrated in her voice.

Seals says that while writing the book she wanted to make sure it was written the way that she speaks. During the process she noticed that her “storyteller and comedian side really came out in the writing.” The book features six sections on career, race, relationships, womanhood, empowerment and even one all about how everyone is “weird.”

Seales calls herself a “crusader of the truth” and in the book she told her truth and hopes her book inspires other people to speak their truths.


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