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We all know through our experiences as being teenagers and as raising teenagers that they can be the most resourceful people on this planet especially when it comes to side stepping punishments.  But how do handle a sidestepping teenager who’s sidestep could possibly cost you dollars and cents?

A mom of a teenage girl got a message from another mom letting her know that somebody has to pay for her child’s, child’s play, so the mom that is now caught up to seek a little parenting legal advice from Sam Sylk, radio host of The Sam Sylk Show on 93.1 WZAK, during his Reality Hour segment by dropping a letter in his Facebook Message box.

Check out Sam Sylk as he puts on his Judge Judy of radio robe on and see who he slams his gavel down on below.

Dear Sam

I took my 16 year old daughters phone away from her as punishment. She behind my back borrowed a phone from her bestie an old phone that her bestie took from her mother without her knowledge. The mother went looking for the phone of course my daughter bestie told her mom what she did with the phone, so her mother told her to get it back asap. But guess what, my daughter broke the phone that I didn’t now she even had, now this other mother wants me to replace it. I feel that it’s her and her daughters responsibility. Who’s responsibility is it? What should I do? Please help

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