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Sam Sylk PNC Connection Speaking Series

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93.1 WZAK, radio host/author, Sam Sylk, has put his Reality Hour to pen and paper and wrote a guide to getting your relationship right,  ‘Is It Them or Is It Me’, and this past Thursday he was humbled to be asked by Mr. Brian Williams of PNC Cleveland to lead the PNC Fairfax Connection Speaking series that had an over capacity crowd waiting to listen as well as pick up the Sylky one’s new book ‘Is It Them or Is It Me’.

The packed PNC Fairfax Speaking Series crowd was given the opportunity to play interviewer and ask Sam Sylk questions that they wanted to know about the Radio One midday host including what was his motivation for the book:

Throughout the years of discussing relationship with thousands of listeners or even hearing from friends as well as my own relationships challenges, I’ve Learned that a lot of what happens to YOU could be YOU. I am excited to announce my new book IS IT THEM OR IS IT ME? A Guide to Practicing Self-Reflection and Accountability in your Relationship is set to release this fall and I hope this book will get people to take a deeper look and examine themselves so they can stop repeating the same failed cycle in their relationships and take responsibility and ownership of how they are treated by others. Head to for more information about the release of my new book IS IT THEM OR IS IT ME?

Plus the biggest question of the night was whether his relationship pastoral advice would lead him to ministering his own congregation?  Sam Sylk’s answer to that?  Check out the video below.

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