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How deep is your love?  Is it so deep that you would let your spouse see other people?  If you did would you be mad if instead of flowers they brought you an STD home?

One of Sam Sylk’s listeners left her doctors office, went and got in her car then looked up Sam Sylk, radio host of The Sam Sylk Show on 93.1 WZAK, during his Reality Hour segment then dropped a letter in his Facebook Message box., about how she knew what her husband was doing, was even cool with it but she is hot because her doctor told her she had been burned.

Did some play sweet big brother or the in your face author of ‘Is It Them or Is It Me‘?  Take a look below.

Dear Sam

I knew my husband was stepping outside of our marriage. And to some degree I allowed it because he is an awesome husband, father and provider. And he never let his extra curricular activities interfere with our household. However I went to the doctor recently, and he told me I had a STD (minor, curable) I confronted him about it. I ended up asking him to leave because stepping out is one thing bring home a disease is another, he seems to think because I knew and allowed what he was doing I also assumed the risk. Now I can’t trust him. Am I wrong for wanted out now?

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