Former NBA star Jayson Williams has struggled with addiction and incarceration for years, now he’s helping others overcome their struggles. “I always knew I had a drinking problem,” Williams explained, when his dad was alive he kept him busy but after he passed Williams lost his structure and then “came destruction,” he said.

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Now, he’s a recovery advocate and has an addiction treatment program called Rebound at Futures Recovery Healthcare in Florida. He explains that his program is “outdoor adventure therapy mixed with the 12 step program.” They visit places like butterfly gardens and for those who are “young at heart,” they go skydiving and scuba diving.

He believes this is so important because “being an addict is the only disease that you have that can put you in jail,” it’s a;so the only disease that convinces you that you don’t have a disease.

He encourages everyone to get the help that they need.

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