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The City Mission is always providing for those needing a place to stay in Cleveland to get away from bad weather, and rough conditions.

Now, an amazing young man has stepped up to help those staying over at Mission to provide in a major way though an event he started.

His name is Ryan Hill, and what he does is called Socktober, which he and others collect socks to give to those in need.  It has become an annual mission for him since he was seven, and he is currently 11-years-old!

Recently, Hill has collected over 2,100 socks in which he plans to give to the City Mission.

Socktober started after Hill and his family helped out a homeless man during a trip to Columbus.  He later asked what happens to the homeless during wet conditions, and from there, Hill became involved in giving socks to shelters.

Even after Hill’s donations, the City Mission are still in need of donations, according to WEWS News 5 Cleveland:

If you’re feeling inspired, The City Mission is always looking for donations of new socks and underwear. Hygiene products like toothbrushes are another major need, along with infant formula and disposable diapers.

For more information on Socktober, click here.

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