Miami Dolphins v Cleveland Browns

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A brand new catchphrase has emerged in Cleveland, especially among sports fans.

“Pittsburgh Started It.”

That was born out of a t-shirt created by a local company called GV Art and Design.  They came up with the idea following the big brawl that happened at the end of the Cleveland Browns-Pittsburgh Steelers matchup on Nov. 14.

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WJW Fox 8 News Cleveland reminds us where exactly it took place:

It happened, of course, in the Browns Steelers matchup at FirstEnergy stadium.

Myles Garrett, the popular Browns defensive end, was hit by the NFL with an indefinite suspension, while the other player involved, Steelers quarterback Mason Rudolph, was only fined $50,000, though he will be benched for the two teams’ rematch on Dec. 1.

Now, an unlikely source got try on the t-shirt over GV’s headquarters, and that would be Browns head coach Freddie Kitchens.

GV took to Facebook to post some pictures with Kitchens wearing the “Pittsburgh Started It.” shirt:

Now that’s true Cleveland Browns pride right there!

As for the Browns-Steelers rematch, the game starts at 1 p.m. on Sunday.


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