Presidential Candidate Joe Biden Continues "No Malarkey" Bus Tour Through Iowa

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While it may have looked like the former VP lost his cool, Biden just wanted to “shut it down” with the unnamed audience member.


Joe Biden has recently changed the theme of his campaign to “No Malarkey” in order to continue to stand out in the crowded, through shortly dwindling, 2020 Democratic Presidential race.

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An audience member at one of his Iowa stops, this time in New Hampton, seemed to want to take advantage of that new theme.

In a video that has recently surfaced, the unnamed man first accused the former Vice President of “selling access to the President,” and went after his son Hunter Biden during his criticisms, setting up a tense exchange between the two.

From CNN:

The man accused Biden of sending his “son over there, to get a job and work for a gas company, that he had no experience with gas, nothing.”

So how did Biden respond:

“You’re a damn liar, man, that’s not true,” Biden responded. “And no one has ever said that, no one has proved that.”

This started a back-and-forth between the two men, in which the audience member even attacked Biden’s age.  Biden offered to issue a push-up or IQ test challenge.

The audience member, who turned out to be a farmer though did not want to give his name, ultimately said he “wouldn’t vote for Biden,” who said he was not surprised by what he said.

Biden shot back saying the man is “too old” to vote for him.

Here is video of that exchange below:


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Article Courtesy of CNN

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Video Courtesy of YouTube and NBC News

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