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Last night, on Dec. 12, the Cleveland Cavaliers were finally able to get win, and it was against the San Antonio Spurs, 117-109 in overtime.

The victory was made even sweeter after fans discovered the score in the game was the exact same match-up that was predicted in a 1991 episode of NBC’s mega-hit sitcom Seinfeld.

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It was during the second-season episode, titled “The Heart Attack,” where Jerry Seinfeld, played by the comedian himself, was trying to get others to help him with a note he wrote down after remembering a movie he was watching while he was half-asleep.

WEWS News 5 Cleveland picks it up from here:

During the episode, Jerry, along with Kramer and George, visits a healer in an attempt to keep George from having to visit a doctor to remove his tonsils. That’s when Jerry hands the healer the note, hoping that at least one person can read it so he can figure out what he had written but could not read.

The healer interpreted the note as “Cleveland 117, San Antonio 109,” which is exactly how the Cavs and Spurs scored last night.

Here is more of the healer segment on Seinfeld.  The Cavs-Spurs score starts at 3:18:


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