Kevin Hart’s Official Opening of The HartBeat Studios

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Tis the season to wrap up with a glass of wine in front of the fireplace and binge watch documentaries, so it shouldn’t surprise you that the funny guy with so many underlining stories is next up on the documentary list.

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What’s the best way to fix a tumultuous 2019 that has your personal life overtaking your professional prowess in the news?  Control your own narrative so as promised earlier in the year Netflix dropped comedian/actor Kevin Harts official trailer to his 6 part docu-series titled ‘Don’t F**k This Up’ that is slotted for official binge watching December 27th.

‘Don’t F**k This Up’ will be discussing everything that has went sideways for Kevin Hart such as the stepping down from the Oscars scandal, the cheating on wife and home boy tried to set him up scandal plus the glamorous on the road world of Kevin Hart.

It sounds like a perfect balance of all that has went on with Kevin Hart, the good, the bad, the ugly, because everybody loves a person that keeps it real.

Check out the official trailer for Kevin Hart’s  ‘Don’t F**k This Up’ below

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