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A Washington D.C. elementary school has issued an apology in a letter to parents for a class lesson that involved black and POC students portraying slaves.

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From Hip-Hop Wired:

Lafayette Elementary, which has a number of Black and POC members among its staff, sent out the letter on Dec. 23 last year after fifth-graders studying the Civil War and Reconstruction period were tasked to create a project using the information they learned.

As reported by The Washington Post last week, Principal Carrie Broquard, who is white, wrote in the letter that the fifth-graders, “should not have been tasked with acting out or portraying different perspectives of enslavement and war.”

One of those “scenes” students were asked to re-enact included “water fountain segregation scenes.”

Principal Broquard said that the class lesson was a mistake, and that it will not be taught again.  Her staff will also attend diversity and sensitivity training to help better prepare and prep students.


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