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Famed personal trainer and television personality Jillian Michaels is under fire for her comments regarding music superstar Lizzo and her weight.

This came when Michaels appeared on the Buzzfeed News program ‘AM to DM,’ where she was promoting her My Fitness app.  While discussing the topic of body positivity, that is where the subject of the “Truth Hurts” singer came up.

She says she loves her music along with her kid, but not the message of her body, and the acceptance behind it.

From MadameNoire:

“I love that they’re putting images out there that we normally don’t get to see of bodies we don’t get to see being celebrated,” said the host, to which Michaels responded, “But why are we celebrating her body?”

“Why does it matter? That’s what I’m saying. Why aren’t we celebrating her music because it isn’t going to be awesome if she gets diabetes,” she added.

Michaels would later receive pushback and negative reaction from the public, especially Lizzo’s fanbase for her comments.  She went into instant damage control on social media.

The apology tour continued as she went to TMZ, and told them she “didn’t think she was fat shaming the star.”

She does want those who are overweight and obese to take care of themselves.

Here is the video of her Buzzfeed ‘AM to DM’ appearance (skip to 8:20 to see the comments):

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