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It’s one thing to negotiate a bargain at a store.  It’s another to throw a fit when you don’t get the price you want.  Case in point, a reporter who wanted to buy a toothbrush at a Massachusetts Target, but a price that suited him.

David Leavitt, a journalist who has written bylines for CBS, AXS, and Yahoo! among others, took to social media to vent his frustrations over not getting the Oral-B electric toothbrush for almost free at that exact store.  He was practically livid.

From Complex:

Leavitt posted a photo of said item, which turned out to be a store display that was next to a $0.01 sticker. The man apparently thought it was his lucky day, and attempted to purchase the toothbrush—currently priced at $89.99 on Target’s website—for a penny. The store manager understandably refused.

He even tweeted a photo of the manager, who looked like she didn’t even want to be photographed.

Leavitt made the situation even worse by calling authorities.

He even made this claim regarding what the authorities told him to do regarding Target and that store’s manager.

He wasn’t done…

Yet, the price tag above the toothbrush Leavitt took a picture of, clearly stated “Display” next to “0.01.”

Many users were asking him why would he even want to buy a product that was already touched by other people’s germs?

Well, this journalist clearly had a response for that.

So why was Leavitt so willing to buy a toothbrush thinking it was only $0.01, then throwing a temper-tantrum and being up in arms when it turned out to be almost worth $90.00?

He seemed to have had a good reason, or so he says.

Could Leavitt actually not be able to afford things, or is he really trying to be cheap.  Either way, he is really handing it poorly, and his attempts to shame Target, and especially the manager, has not gone very well on social media.  Users have actually turned on him, not her!

In contrast to the venom towards Leavitt, there has been an outpouring of support towards the manager who has become known as “Target Tori.”  There has even been a GoFundMe page created for the woman, who is actually known as Tori Perrotti, to help earn her enough savings to send her on a much-deserved trip.

That page has ended up raising over $34,000, and “Target Tori” has taken to social media to speak out:

It goes to show that there are times that employee and manager-shaming doesn’t always pan out, but customer-shaming does.


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