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NeNe Leakes

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TLC wrote a song “What About Your Friend”  and it looks like NeNe Leakes and Wendy Williams are doing the remix.

Wendy Williams and Real Housewives of Atlanta’s, NeNe Leakes, seemed to rekindle their friendship this past summer after Wendy Williams was going through a tone of personal matters such as recovery and filing for divorce.  And it seemed like a beautiful friendship as it was reported that the ladies even took a girl’s trip, that included Tamar Braxton, to Miami.  A true sense of forgive and forget and let’s move forward…well up until this week.

NeNe Leakes has seemed to want to make a change in life, the RHOA star even incorporated a life coach into her life.  But the devil is truly busy in NeNe’s life as when she returned to the ladies of RHOA, after a slow bring back on, #SnakeGate happened then a borderline fight after discussing #SnakeGate, the possible loss of a friend, you know Yovanna she’s “That B####”, after NeNe allegedly threw her under a bus that Yovanna say’s she wasn’t walking next too.  Well according to Wendy Williams NeNe texted her to tell her that she is done and was quitting  RHOA.

“I took a break between commercials, my office is right there behind the set. I had to go to the bathroom and so I looked at my phone between commercials. And NeNe texts, ‘I’m quitting,’

I guess a real friend might have said “WTH, girl meet me at my crib or a restaurant and let’s talk about this” or respond “gurllll, whatever you need I got you”, but no not Wendy Williams.  Wendy Williams allegedly seen the text, read it, then took to her velvet chair next to her cup of tea and commenced to sipping then spilling the tea that NeNe text her that she was quitting.  Also Wendy Williams alleges that NeNe has a heart breaking secret that she hasn’t told.

“I know something about NeNe that you all will cry, be sad and feel bad for her,”  “She’s carrying the weight of a huge thing on her shoulders. I’m not going to say it, she’s got to say it. But in my opinion, NeNe, you need this platform to explain the other part of your life.”

Talk about breaking the girls code.  Wendy Williams must be feeling a little liberated now that her divorce is final, so she is liberating her home girls business on live television…allegedly.

Well NeNe Leakes is not happy about Wendy Williams leaking her personal conversation/messages to millions of views, and has responded.

Would you blow up your friends spot for rating?  Do you think NeNe is really quitting RHOA?  Let us know if your team Wendy or team NeNe and your thoughts in the comments.

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