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You and your boo are shacked things are going well except for one issue…Your boo’s kids are grown and all they do is play video games all day and smoke cigarettes!!

What do you do?

Reach out to  Sam Sylk, radio host and author, and Bijou Star co-host of The Sam Sylk Show with Bijou Star on 93.1 WZAK during the 1:00 pm Reality Hour via a letter in Sam’s Facebook Messages , .

Check out Sam Sylk and Bijou Star below to see if they could offer some solid you, me and your worthless kids advice below.

Dear Sam

I am looking for a little help on grown kids & youths. My girlfriends boys sit up and play theses videos games all day. That’s all they won’t to do is play games and my lady is cool with this. She has a grown son living at home with us and a teenager that does nothing around the house like take out the garbage,do dishes, sweep, mop cut the grass, shovel snow or work to help on the bills around the house etc. I have son’s that live with their mom the same age, when they come to visit they do chores. I love her but I’m trying to get her to see that this isn’t good for them or us. Any thoughts or advice would help.

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