Sam Sylk Show with Bijou Star

Source: WZAK / Radio One Digital

The biggest mistakes in most relationships start at the very beginning of the relationship, and most mistakes come from doing things out of order.  So the question is, if you start a relationship out of order can you ever get back in order?  And are there somethings if done out of order, irreversible?

A young lady is trouble because she made a mistake that is horrible to her yet a blessing to her partner so she reached out to Sam Sylk, radio host and author, and Bijou Star co-host of The Sam Sylk Show with Bijou Star on 93.1 WZAK during the 1:00 pm Reality Hour via a letter in Sam’s Facebook Messages , to see if she can fix the mistake via keeping it a secret.

See if brother Sam Sylk and sister Bijou Star could help this young lady bring her burdens to the alter from which her answer may come below.

Dear Sam

I met my current boyfriend in November, and in December I became pregnant even after taking precautions/using protection. I found out this month that I’m pregnant, and I have not felt happy since. My boyfriend, however, was ecstatic, and he has shared his happiness with me every day. When I’ve mentioned abortion and why we maybe shouldn’t keep it, he gets upset. He’s been through a really rough time lately, and I know that considering my circumstances and jobless, and only having known him a short time, an abortion seems like what needs to happen. He says he would support me and the baby because he makes decent money on his job and we both have supportive families. But I can’t have a baby right now. Our relationship is still new. And there’s no guarantee it will work. I’ve been having bleeding for five days now and he thinks I’ve miscarried, but the doctors have said the baby is fine. Tomorrow I have a termination appointment, and even though I feel so bad about lying, I know saying I didn’t want the baby would crush him. I’d rather he think it was natural. Am I wrong for this? I just know I wouldn’t be able to give it the life it deserves if the relationship with the father ends up not working out.