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David Schwimmer recently gave an interview where he suggested that there should two reboots of his popular 1990’s/2000’s sitcom ‘Friends’ – one with an all-black cast, another with an all-Asian cast.

From Complex:

“Maybe there should be an all-black Friends or an all-Asian Friends,” Schwimmer told The Guardian in an interview, in response to criticism about the show’s all-white cast.

That was nice until social media users tried to remind him that a “Black Friends” had already been done before through Fox’s ‘Living Single.’

‘Living’ debuted in 1993, while ‘Friends’ did not air on NBC until 1994, making the popular “Must-See TV” show a rip-off.

There was also an interview from Queen Latifah on how ‘Single’ lead to ‘Friends’

All of this talk about Schwimmer’s ideas have lead of one of the original stars clapping back in a big way on Twitter:

Erika Alexander, who played Maxine Shaw, an attorney on Living Single, reminded Schwimmer of the show she starred on with Kim Coles, Terrence C. Carson, John Henton and Kim Fields.

By the way, all four seasons of ‘Living Single’ are available on Hulu.  ‘Friends,’ meanwhile, is in the middle of switching from Netflix to HBO Max.


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