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One of the most recent episodes of HGTV’s ‘House Hunters’ not only made history, but also made a lot of viewers and users either intrigued or uncomfortable.

The program featured its first polygamous throuple – three people in a relationship with each other.

In an episode called “Three’s Not a Crowd in Colorado Springs,” the romantic trio (Angelica (Geli), Brian and Lori) were in search of a different place to live that could accommodate the three of them.

Wherever they were going to live had to be in threes, from the bathroom (three sinks) to the garage (three-car).

So how did they meet in the first place, and how did they become a throuple?

From WKYC 3News Cleveland:

During the episode, it was explained that Brian and Lori got married in 2002 and they have two children together. The couple said they then fell in love with Geli after meeting her in a bar.

The trio then entered into a relationship with Brian and Lori exchanging vows with Geli in a commitment ceremony in Aruba, a few weeks before taping “House Hunters.”

You can imagine that Twitter users had a lot to say about this episode and throuple!

So did they find what they were looking for?  They did, despite going over the budget.

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