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Country megastar Garth Brooks took the stage in Detroit last weekend wearing a Barry Sanders jersey from when he played for the Lions.  He even took to Instagram with him showing off the back with “Sanders” and “20” featured with the caption:

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You carried me all night long

But you always have

I’m in love with you! love, g #GARTHinDETROIT

Fans did not take the photo too well, however, and assumed that “Sanders” was for Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, and that the “20” was for 2020 in regards to the election.

WKYC 3News Cleveland shows the confusion (or lack thereof) made in the comments section of that post:

“If this is for Bernie Sanders, I’m done with you. I thought you were a true American that loves Our Country?” one wrote.

“Weird. That a millionaire would like a socialist. Hey Garth are you going to distribute your millions?” asked another.

Facebook has even more of how people made the assumption that Brooks was endorsing Bernie:

They didn’t bother to look up, or even care, that the “Sanders” jersey is for BARRY, not BERNIE!

This is just part of a tradition of Brooks wearing jerseys for different teams while on stage.  It was in no way a political endorsement.

Plus, Brooks and Sanders (Barry, not Bernie) had both attended Oklahoma State University.

As of right now, Brooks has not endorse anyone for president.

Meanwhile, the Detroit Lions and Barry both took the controversy in stride.

Barry jokingly asked Brooks to be his running mate on Twitter:

The Lions followed up with this:

So if anyone thinks that the Barry Sanders jersey was a Bernie Sanders jersey and endorsement, please just search online before commenting.


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