Over the weekend we heard from the CDC and were told to be prepared to “hunker down” for 8 weeks to slow the spike of the Coronavirus. That sounds like a great plan, but most Americans live paycheck to paycheck, meaning they can’t afford to miss 4 paychecks. The government is looking into a “bailout package,” but many of us could be well into a “financial ruin” before help comes. D.L. calls this a”colossal failure of leadership.” Americans have lived through a number of viruses and illnesses before without the hysteria that we’re seeing now. He says that is because the presidents at the time knew that they had to get “ahead” of whatever the threat was to keep the American people safe. Meanwhile, Trump sat around and called it a “hoax,” by the democrats to make him look bad. American’s freaked out and went to buy toilet paper. A complete fail.

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