The third day of mourning and protesting and looting after the death of George Floyd in police custody

Source: Star Tribune via Getty Images / Getty

As the Minneapolis riots continue to energize after watching George Floyd die on a viral video at the knee of a police officer as George Floyd as well as witnesses begged the officer to stop, as George Floyd asked for his mother, as George Floyd was being compliant his body was shutting down on a city street.  Although all involved in the incident were terminated immediately, people are asking for justice, penalty and action to be taken just as quickly as it took that officer to kneel on George Floyd’s neck depriving him of oxygen.

And it is that lack of oxygen that has fueled rioters to burn down a Minneapolis Police Station early this morning.

Mayor Jacob Frey said he made the call to evacuate police officers from the 3rd Precinct before rioters set the building on fire.

Take look at the video below.

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