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"Tiny And Shekinah: Weave Trip" Private Screening

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It’s been a heavy weekend. There wasn’t one inch of social media that didn’t reflect the uprising taking place around the nation. Millions of people have taken to the streets to flex their God-given right to protest and challenge law enforcement to see us all as equal. We are fed up as a people and our fiery response to the brutalization of our own Black bodies has sent us into a fury. Years of systematic oppression, limited resources and unfair treatment has led to this revolution. The protests have led to riots, which has led to looting, which has led to vandalism. And with critics focused on the reaction instead of the problem, the picture is ever clear, material things matter more than Black bodies.

Love & Hip Hop Atlanta star Shekinah burst into a tearful rant over the the Gucci store being robbed. The same brand that tried to sell Black face turtlenecks in their 2019 ready to wear collection. Yes, that Gucci.

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If you would have asked me, a month ago, my thoughts on Tory Lanez, I would have criticized his “Quarantine Radio” persona and, in the same hand, praised his music. Yet, here we are today and he is the voice of reason among rappers, reality TV stars, social media influencers and noiseless brands. Everyone from Shamiek Moore to B. Simone to FashionNova have been exposed this week — because frankly they don’t have the range.

Lanez found himself schooling Shekinah and any more of his “rich” friends who’ve placed the value of big brands like Gucci and Target ahead of the people.

Shekinah joined Tory on Instagram Live to defend her defense of the Lennox Mall. According to Shekinah, her words were misconstrued. “I never ever said anything about the Gucci store, you just caught me in the midst of crying..about the Gucci store. Not about the Gucci store. But I was crying because, I was like damn we out here f*cking sh*t up. We stealing we doing all kind a stuff. That’s not what we supposed to be seen as. We ain’t supposed to be out here seen as wild ass animals tearing up people store.”

When asked if she’s gone outside to march with the people, she responded, “no.” She said she woke up and saw stuff on fire and it “hurted her feelings.”

“I don’t appreciate that white man killing us. I don’t think that’s cool I’m not with that. I don’t think we’re going to get anywhere by stealing these people s*t,” she continued. Shekinah then turned her anger to Tory, which led to him abruptly ending their conversation.

No worries Black Twitter swooped in to pick up where Tory Lanez left off…


This is not the time to express concern for Gucci or Target. It is, however, the time to express outrage over the social injustice that led to such violent protests. In the words of Martin Luther King Jr., “A riot is the language of the unheard.” Shekinah, are you listening?


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