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This past weekend. . .Cleveland joined the many other cities across the country in PEACEFULLY protesting in the downtown CLE area. That was until some “protesters” started to become unruly and destructive! There was broken glass and Police|Fire and EMS vehicles were damaged and or destroyed thru-out the course of the day.

According to Fox 8:

“When dispersal orders were ignored and assaults on officers continued. . .officers deployed munitions including pepper spray. Protesters continued with criminal acts of violence including Aggravated Rioting. . .and Vandalism. . .which were countered by police with the use of less lethal means including smoke” they explained.

Looking further into the “violent” protesters. . .officials believe that even tho many of those arrested used local addresses. . .they may have in fact been from out of state.

That has yet to be officially confirmed.

Many believe the “violent”protesters were posers. People who only showed up to cause havoc and disrupt those peacefully protesting. There are rumors insinuating some of those individuals were  trying to incite rage wars between protesters and police. New evidence has been obtained showing the vandalism and looting were organized. By who? That too has yet to be confirmed. See the video below and get more on this [HERE].

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