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Given the current nature of the country following the death of George Floyd, many Americans across the country took the streets in protest, to demand justice for Floyd as well as many other lives who have been victimized by police brutality. Floyd’s death was the third in a recent string of incidents in which unarmed black people were killed either by police or people “acting” on behalf of the police.

For many of us, there are multiple battles happening at once. The coronavirus is still affecting black and brown people at a disproportionate rate. Protesting that black life is valued seems like an endless loop in demands for justice and systematic change. With these in mind, here are some resources for you to not only protest if you can safely do so but how to also support people on the front lines demanding justice for George Floyd, Breonna Taylor Ahmaud Arbery, and others.

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Demand Police Accountability From Local Government

A common phrase mentioned during these protests by leaders, both on the local and national levels has been about voting. If ending police brutality is your benchmark for political support, demand that works from potential candidates running for office. You can also visit Campaign Zero, an organization with a comprehensive guide to policies that aimed to ensure police oversight such as excessive force, racial profiling, and more. Make yourself familiar with local laws as well as knowing who your representatives are and how to contact them – at the local, state, and national levels. Make your voice heard and bring it to their face to make them feel and hear you on ending discrimination in law enforcement as well as in companies that practice discrimination against employees due to race, gender, or hairstyle.

Donate To A Bail Fund

Various bail funds have been enacted to help individuals who have been arrested by officers simply for peacefully protesting. You can donate to some of the bail funds located in our Radio One Family.

HOUSTON, TX: Restoring Justice Community Bail FundA partnership between Restoring Justice, the Bail Project and Pure Justice to provide bail relief in Houston, initially set up as a response to COVID-19.

Mission: “Restoring Justice is partnering with the Bail Project and Pure Justice to use donations to pay bail for people in need during the Covid-19 pandemic at no cost to them or their loved ones.”

ATLANTA, GA: Atlanta Solidarity Fund: Action Network fund set up to support the George Floyd protesters with both bail and necessary legal relief.

Mission: “This fundraiser is for bail expenses for those arrested. Any surplus funds will go toward their legal defense, and to support arrestees at other protests.”

COLUMBUS, OH: Columbus Freedom FundBail fund committed to helping those arrested for protesting in Columbus.

PHILADELPHIA, PA: Philadelphia Bail FundBail fund providing relief to protesters in the city of Philadelphia, with the long-term goal of bringing an end to cash bail.

Mission: “We are committed to providing direct bail assistance to Philadelphia protesters participating in actions to ensure their safe return home.”

RICHMOND, VA: Richmond Community Bail FundCommunity group dedicated to freeing jailed individuals in Richmond who can’t make bail.

Mission: “The Richmond Community Bail Fund exists to restore the presumption of innocence to defendants so they don’t lose their jobs, families, and critical services while also reducing the financial burden on our community of detaining citizens prior to their day in court.”

BALTIMORE, MD: Baltimore Action Legal TeamBail fund and legal relief for the city of Baltimore, with a focus on black activists.

Mission: “BALT is committed to building the power of the local Movement for Black Lives. We take our direction from community-organizing groups who are on the ground, and we respect the leadership of local activists. BALT is committed to anti-racist practices and to black leadership. BALT is dedicated to politically-conscious lawyering and to using creative, collective solutions to support the Movement for Black Lives in Baltimore.”

DALLAS, TX: Luke 4:18 Bail FundBail fund is overseen by Faith in Texas committed to posting bail for individuals in Dallas.

Mission: “The Luke 4:18 Bail Fund is partnering with faith communities, currently and formerly incarcerated people, families impacted by the legal justice system, and funders to drastically reduce the jail population in Dallas County.”


Protest, Safely

As you may have seen on the news. and social media, many within your community have taken to the streets to let their voices be heard. A note, police brutality brings up a lot of different issues for black and brown people, such as PTSD and other traumas. If you are going out to protest, follow this image which has been shared by various individuals such as John Boyega and more.

Those are three resources you can use to help your community during this time. If you need, you could also pick up extra groceries, household supplies, first-aid equipment and find a donation point for those who are taking to the streets to peacefully protest.


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