Private Funeral For George Floyd Takes Place In Houston

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Just when you thought you could have possibly heard it all.

Attorney Earl Grey is representing one of the ex-Minneapolis Police Officers involved in the arrest that caused the death of George Floyd, Thomas Lane.  Last night he appeared for an interview with CNN’s Chris Cuomo when the attorney said that he is in possession of a video that would prove that his client, Thomas Lane, didn’t do anything wrong in respects to not intervening when ex-officer  Derek Chavin decided to rest his knee in the neck of George Floyd for over 8 minutes.

When Chris Cuomo asked Attorney Earl Grey why didn’t his client, Thomas Lane, not intercede, the attorney’s answer placed Chris Cuomo on pause and rewind as well as everyone that was watching.

“If all these people say why didn’t my client intercede,”  “If the public was there and in such an uproar about it they didn’t intercede either”

Just let that comment sit right there, and listen to the conversation below

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