You may have seen the viral video of a woman making a catchy song while being detained and an officer struggling to keep a straight face and unlike many other police-related videos, this story has a happy ending.

Johnniqua Charles, 27 of Dillon, South Carolina situation gave social media a bit of comic relief in the midst of chaos as she sang and danced while questioning the officer of why she was being detained.

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“You about to lose yo job. You about to lose yo job. Get this dance! You about to lose yo job ‘cause you are detaining me for nothing,” Charles sang in the video.  The clip caught its attention at the perfect time and protestors started to use the phrase on signs and chanting the song in relation to the #BlackLivesMatter movement to fight police brutality.



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The guard, Julius Locklear told BuzzFeed News that he originally posted the video on Facebook on Feb. 5. saying “Okay IM NOT POSTING THIS TO BE FUNNY TOWARDS THIS SUBJECT!!!!” Locklear wrote in his Facebook post. “I’m posting it cause that rap was lit like I wish I could put a beat to it lol.”

Locklear said Charles was trespassing at Diamonds Gentlemen’s Club and he asked her to leave twice because they were closed but she had been trying to get in because she accidentally left her purse inside of the club.

“I guess he thought I was going back in just to go back inside the club, but he wouldn’t allow me, and that’s how the argument between me and him started,” Charles said. “I told him to suck my d**k, and that is the moment he basically put the handcuffs on me and tussled with me a little bit.”

“I just let her vent,” said Locklear, “and exercise her freedom of speech.”

Locklear told BuzzFeed News, “the situation had nothing to do with race or discrimination. You can see me handling it professionally and trying to keep a straight face, but I couldn’t.”

In the end, the guard did not lose his job and Charles was free to go.

Not being a heavy social media user, Charles had noticed the video went viral after her sister reached out to her.  She had been homeless, battling drug addiction, and working as a sex worker since November until reconnecting back with her family.

Charles’ family put out a search party to find her after the video went viral and now she’s living with them and focusing on rebuilding her life.  Her sister Andrea says the attention of the video helped their family find Johnniqua.  After gaining the public’s attention, she started a GoFundMe and an Instagram page for users to help Charles take care of her three-year-old son and to get resources to rebuild her life.

“I just feel like this was all from God,” Andrea said. “These people have been blessing her and doing that out of the kindness of their heart. I just feel like that’s all God.”


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