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When HBO Max was launched, its huge library from its parent company WarnerMedia was supposed to help set it apart from all of the other streaming services available.  One of the biggest gems that was offered was the Oscar-winning film ‘Gone With The Wind.’

Now the one was considered a “classic” for decades, and which featured Vivien Leigh, Clark Gable, and Hattie McDaniel as “Mammy,” which won her that Oscar, has now been pulled from the fledgling service.  The reason: “racist depictions.”

From Uproxx:

HBO Max pulled the 1939 film a day after John Ridley, the screenwriter of 12 Years a Slavewrote an op-ed for the Los Angeles Times calling for its removal. “At a moment when we are all considering what more we can do to fight bigotry and intolerance, I would ask that all content providers look at their libraries and make a good-faith effort to separate programming that might be lacking in its representation from that which is blatant in its demonization,” he wrote.

To read the full statement from HBO on why it removed ‘Gone’ from Max, click here.

There is a chance that the Civil War-set film will return to the streaming service, but it will be “a discussion of its historical context.”

Meanwhile, here are some comments on Twitter in reaction to ‘Gone’ being gone:

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