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Chicago police made coffee and popcorn in congressmans office while shopping plaza was being looted

Source: Chicago Tribune / Getty

Jussie Smollett take the wheel!!  Have you ever heard that saying when something crazy happens and someone recounts the crazy that happened “I can’t make that stuff up” ?  Well in Chicago a police video went viral and not for harming a civilian, which has been the trend as of late, it is for not protecting and serving while lounging.

In an unbelievable chain of events two weeks ago, Congressman Bobby Rush got a phone call that his office in Chicago had been burglarized. Congressman Rush then went to check out the surveillance tape of his office and to his shock and dismay he saw about 13 police officers, lounging in his office while helping themselves to coffee, making popcorn, just chillin while nearby stores were being damaged and looted because there was a protests going on in the city of Chicago in the name of George Floyd.

According to Chicago Mayor Lightfoot

“And I can tell you one thing for certain, not one of these officers will be allowed to hide behind the badge and go on and act like nothing ever happened,” . “Not anymore. Not in my city, not in your city.”

I guess this is how they protested and showed their solidarity against the change that is gone come….Oh yes it will.

See the video below

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